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  1. Why should I visit Be'er Sheva - Because its one of the most vibrant, fast growing, unique cities in Israel.

  2. Why did you name the place the Ottoman House - The old city of Be'er Sheva was built by the Ottomans during the period of the Ottoman empires rule over Israel.

  3. Where else could I stay in Be'er Sheva or Beer Sheba - The domus collection has 3 different accommodation options for you to choose from, Including the HabaitBe Matityahu and the Negev Hotel. 

  4. How many people live in Be'er Sheva - Approx 250K but it serves more the 2 million people who reside in the Negev Desert.

  5. Is Be'er Sheva a cool city - the answer for this is YES! Come see for yourselves

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