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Meet Miss Cat - Domus Bat Galim

Hello meow!

I am lying on the roof of the veranda in the shade of a palm tree and thinking about my life.

The lives of cats living in different countries are generally similar to each other: eat deliciously, sleep sweetly and be loved. My life is the same, but there is one unusual factor.

I am a cat that lives in a small but very nice hotel situated on the seashore in Haifa.

I roll over and yawn. Due to the proximity of the sea, there is a pleasant breeze here even in August. So, where did I stop?

I live in a hotel. Like myself it had many names. Now it is called Domus Bat Galim, which means “House” in human language. This house suits me quite well. I've lived here all my life. Along with the name of the hotel, people that I see here also change.

There are those who are more or less permanent - they are called “staff”, and there are others - “guests”. Guests come, stay a night or a couple and go away, many return again after a while. Both of them love me very much and always want to pet me. I usually don't mind. Most people call me Miss Cat, or "kitta" or "kitty-kitty" although I have a different name. My name is Orna. I chose this name for myself. But people don't know that.

I prefer to stretch out somewhere in the shade of green bushes (there are a lot of plants in the small area of ​​the hotel) or here on the veranda, from where it is convenient to watch employees and guests. I also like to look at the fish that swim in a small pool in the hotel courtyard, or doze on a comfortable sofa and listen to the sound of water in the fountains. The hotel courtyard is the ideal home for me.

Sometimes other cats enter the closed area, and my task is to drive them away. This is my job and for this I get food. Yes, I work for food.

In my free time, when I don’t have to meet guests or chase away other cats, I walk around the neighborhood called Bat Galim. And I like to look at the sea, I know that it is not typical for cats.

Over the years of working at the hotel, I have seen and heard a lot, and I have a lot to tell you.

As you already understand, this blog will be on behalf of a cat who lives in a hotel, watches the guests and the life of the hotel, and also loves to walk around Bat Galim, enjoy sunsets and the sea. It will be interesting. Or maybe not. I don't really care, I am a cat. Meow.

Domus Bat Galim

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