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Miss Cat 2 - Domus Bat Galim

I don’t remember at all how I started living in the hotel and when exactly it became my home. It seems to me that I am living here all my life.

The hotel actually changed its name more than once. Now it is called Domus Bat Galim, but I remember very well the time before Domus when there was another hotel on this building, and before it - another one. Everything before Domus had a bad reputation among the neighbors. And it seemed that it would always be like this. But I remember very well the period when I noticed a smell of changes in the air. Cats feel such things without words...

... I was sitting at the general meeting of the team (as I usually did) when it was announced that big changes were coming and Domus managers were going to replace the previous owners.

“New bosses again. They seem to come and go every year” the employees whispered.

The team did not expect anything good from the new changes and everyone discussed among themselves options for leaving the hotel. Of course, I was worried too. Not all hotels allow cats. Even such smart and beautiful cats as me. And where will I go then?

However, the new owners turned out to be cat-friendly and immediately announced that the team (including cats) would remain the same as much as possible. And they gave employees backpacks and T-shirts with the Domus Exceptional Hospitality logo. Crap. Meat would be better. Who needs stupid t-shirts? Not me of course.

To be honest, at first, everyone was skeptical about the new bosses. But very quickly they managed to inspire confidence and make the team fall in love with them. Even those who were thinking of leaving - stayed. So did I. I stayed too.

A series of innovations followed. The rooms for the guests were renovated. They put cool sofas in the courtyard for me. By the way, guests really think it's for them. Well, let them sit there in the evenings with a bottle of beer or a cup of tea, I don’t mind. Maybe I have already been influenced by this Domus philosophy of “exceptional hospitality” when the interests of the guest come first.

Not everything went smoothly for Domus Bat Galim. But I'll tell you about this next time. Meow.

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