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Trip Advice

Be'er Sheva has much to offer as to make your visit simply unforgettable when staying at the Negev Hotel. Whether you came with children of just looking for a couples' getaway, our entire team is more than happy to offer some local advice 

Our Team Recommends



A family guy's tip for a 

Family Day Trip



Relax, chill and drink in the Negev Desert



Shaked  takes you to the Extreme in Be'er Sheva



Time for the foodies to learn the Taste Of The Old City



Recommending a relaxed Romantic Getaway

Miki's Tip- Family time

Start your day

Wake up, enjoy a family breakfast at the Negev cafe' and  go visit Lunada science park is the largest children  museum in Israel, adjacent also the largest children park in Israel

2 - 4 Hours

Family in Bed
Become smarter

Carasso science park, located in the Old City next to plenty of restaurant options is a science heaven for children of all ages.

2 - 3 Hours

Excited Children in Science Class
Lunch Time

Grab an excellent Falaffel at one of the work renowned falafel places in Be'er Sheva's old city. The Negev Hotel staff favorite is the Green Falafel (Falafel Ha-Yarok)

1 Hours

Good Night

Take the kids to the BIG shopping center where children rides are available as well as plenty of food and shopping options

2 Hours

Kids Playing Carnival Game

Auren's Tip- Time For Romance

Auren's Advice
Start your day

Breakfast at the Negev Cafe' followed by a tour of Old City's unique art galleries with I Love Bash guides

2 - 4 Hours

Move on

Walk through the Old City and admire the Ottoman era architecture. We recommend also visiting the Negev museum adjacent the beautiful Islamic museum

2 - 3 Hours

Lunch Time

Stop everything you're doing and go to Natan The Yemenite restaurant. It is a wonderful unique experience of which you will remember we promise

1.5 Hours

Street Food
Good Night

Time to drink! Go to KKL street (1 min walk from the Negev Hotel) where you would finds several options for food and drinks with very good vibes

3 Hours

Friends Drinking Beer
Shaked's Advice

Shaked's Tip- Extreme BR7

Morning climb

2 min walk from the Negev Hotel you will find Performance Rock Climbing where you could also enjoy a nice breakfast after the morning climb. 

2 - 4 Hours

Female Climber
Need 4 Speed

Book an extreme sand dune drive with one of the many companies we work with in the Negev Dessert

4 - 5 Hours

Off Road Race
Relaxing Time

Enjoy a Camel ride 15 min drive from the Negev Hotel and some good Baudouin cuisine right after

1.5 Hours

Camel and Pyramids
Stars Stars Stars

5 min drive from Be'er Sheva you will wind so many places where you can put a blanket on the ground and just enjoy the cool desert brize with it's beautiful night stars

3 Hours

Moon Gazing
Yam's tip

Yam's Tip- Nature Time

Morning Coffee

Take it easy, you have a long day in-front of you. Start you day with morning coffee at the Negev Coffee place

1 Hour

Sweetening Coffee
Hiking with D.B.G

Drive on rout 40 and enjoy the view on your way to Sede Boker where you can learn more about David Ben-Gurion's vision for Israel and enjoy this beautiful place. 

3 - 4 Hours

Nomad Desert
Negev Lunch

Drive straight to Kornmehl Farm where you will enjoy amazing local dairy cuisine. All their foods comes directly from the ranch and you could also see and learn about their unique food making process while there. 

2 Hours

Farm Goat
Negev View

Drive onwards to Mitzpe Ramon, find a good spot looking over the crater and open the on-the-go coffee pack you took from the Negev Hotel front desk.

3 Hours

Desert Ibex
Sunset BR7

Go back to Be'er Sheva and take a 15 minuet hike to the Negev Brigade Monument near Gev-Yam High Tech park to enjoy a great view of the sunset over Be'er Sheva.

2 Hours

Romantic Sunset
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