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Trip Advice

Haifa has much to offer as to make your visit simply unforgettable when staying at Domus Bat Galim. Whether you came with children of just looking for a couples' getaway, our entire team is more than happy to offer some local advice 

Our Team Recommends

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Alaa's Tip- Sport activities

alaas ADVICE
Sport Activities

If you like outdoor activities, we suggest to pay attention to the marked hiking trails and routes of varying difficulty levels that pass through the Carmel National Park. For example, many trails start from the Little Switzerland parking lot. But our favorite route is the route to the Oranit Cave. The ideal seasons for hiking are spring and autumn.

Summer will be the right time for those who dream of trying themselves in surfing. In summer, the water is warm and the waves are suitable for beginners. There are several surf schools in Haifa, the most popular of them are located on Dado Beach. Or just contact our friend Ori and he will answer all your questions and arrange a time for a private lesson. By the way, experienced surfers can rent surfing in Domus Bat Galim Hotel.

Winter in Israel is the perfect time for running.

A few steps from the Domus Hotel begins a beautiful promenade that goes south for more than 5 km along the entire coast of Haifa. Sea breeze and smell of the sea - an ideal opportunity to put your thoughts in order.

If you don't like running - just bring a yoga mat and put it on the grass near the sea. With a sea view any sport is more interesting.

The bottom of the Haifa coast is very beautiful and rich in natural reefs. You can find also some sunken ships there. So diving will be our next recomendation for you. And also, if you're lucky, you will be able to meet one of the turtles that constantly live on the Bat Galim reef very close to the Domus hotel.

Yulia's Tip- Romantic Haifa

Yulia's Advice
Romantic Haifa

To all our guests who come to Haifa for the first time we recommend to go to Louis Promenade to see the most picturesque view of the entire Haifa Bay. Louis Promenade is located on the top of Mount Carmel and is a favorite place for walking for Haifa residents and the guests of the city. If you come here half an hour before sunset you will see the city in daylight and also illuminated by evening lighting.

Haifa is located on the seafront and is known for its long sea promenades and breathtakingly beautiful sunsets. Therefore our recommendation is to take a walk along the sea and meet one of the most beautiful sunsets in your life. The Bat Galim Promenade starts a few steps from the hotel, smoothly passes into the Hecht Park and the Shikmona Reserve, which stretches along the sea and ends with Carmel Beach, after which the Students' Beach, Dado, Zamir follows. Near the beaches, the embankment is full of cafes and restaurants, and the part that passes through the Hecht Park is wild and very picturesque.

If you want beautiful unique photos, go to Nesher Park. In the park above the river at a height of 70 meters stretched a beautiful suspension bridge. Even two bridges. It is better to go early in the morning until it is not so crowded, and you can take a photo without people in the background. In addition to the bridge itself, you can walk in the park, there are several marked routes of different difficulty levels, one of which passes near the cave.

In 2022, a new cable car was opened in Haifa, which leads from the Merkazit ha Mifrats railway station up the mountain to the University of Haifa and the Technion. The view from the cabin is very beautiful. And on the 30th floor of the main building of the University of Haifa, there is an observation deck with a panoramic view of the Haifa Bay and Carmel Park. Check opening hours.

Yana's Advice

Yana's Tip - family day with kids

Family Day With Kids

After breakfast at the hotel, head straight to Bat Galim Beach that is 3 minutes walk from the hotel. You can spend the whole day on the beach, or you can continue the day of impressions at the Haifa Zoo, located on top of Mount Carmel. By the way, you can go up to the zoo on Carmelita - the smallest metro in the world, which consists of only 6 stations.

On a rainy or very hot day, the Madatek Museum of Science and Technology will be a great opportunity for children of any age and even adults. Don't forget to buy your tickets in advance.

Also, children and their parents will definitely enjoy the Maritime Museum, which is a 10-minute walk from the hotel.

You can end the evening by getting to the mountain on a cable car, the lower station of which is located near the Maritime Museum, and the upper station is at the Stella Maris Monastery. From the top there is a beautiful view of the Bat Galim area. You can buy a ticket in both directions, and if you prefer non-standard solutions - you can go down on foot along the path.

Andrey's tip

Andrey's Tip- Tourist places

Tourist Places

It is impossible to come to Haifa and not visit the famous Bahai Gardens. This is the most popular tourist place in the city. By the way, on their official website you can sign up for a free tour in Russian, Hebrew or English languages.

Cave of Elijah is a sacred place for four religions: Judaism, Christianity, Muslim and Druze. It is believed that staying inside the cave helps to get rid of many diseases and misfortunes. People also come here to pray, repent or ask for the most desirable wishes. The energy of this place is amazing.
The entrance to the cave is located opposite the National Maritime Museum at the foot of Mount Carmel. From the hotel Domus Bat Galim to the cave on foot no more than 15 minutes along the sea

Liliya's Tip- cuisine


If you want to explore the national cuisine, we are happy to recommend you street food at the Talpiot market or Wadi Nisnas market (by the way, do not forget to buy spices here).

Port area and Lower City

In the evening, we recommend to walk through the old streets of the Lower Town and to choose one of the pubs or restaurants there to sit in a pleasant atmosphere.

German colony

Also for an evening walk you can come to Ben Gurion Boulevard. After dinner in one of the beautifully decorated restaurants, take a walk there and enjoy the magic of illuminated Bahai Gardens. By the way, a huge Christmas tree is put up on Ben Gurion Boulevard for Christmas and people from all over the country come here to enjoy the Christmas atmosphere. Ben Gurion Boulevard is just 10 minutes from Domus Bat Galim by bus or car.

If there is no desire to go anywhere, there are several wonderful restaurants within 10 minutes walk from the hotel, which we recommend to our guests. Also, a few minutes from the hotel you can buy delicious shawarma or falafel.

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